Our Stories

CECO's annual Summer Camp is an intensive program that will help your child or adult with Cerebral Palsy or other motor disability to achieve greater independence. Participants improve motor skills through through routine, guidance, and repetitive actions in a fun and stimulating social setting with a 1:1 staff-to-student ratio.

Patrick's Story

Patrick was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a very young age. Regardless of his circumstance, he is as fearless as it gets for a 4 year old. He loves when you pick him up and fly him around like superman.If you run into him in the hall, he will chat your ear off. Everyday you can see the amazement in Patrick's eyes as he discovers the world around him. It's no surprise that his favorite question is "why".


The CECO Walking Challenge allows for a safe loving environment for Patrick to become himself. Patrick's favorite activity in the Walking Challenge is bowling, where he throws a ball from a sitting position, at the same time as his other classmates, to see who is the first to knock over all the pins. (This activity helps Patrick with a number of different goals including; fine motor skills, balance, socialization, hand-eye coordination, just to name a few.)


Here at CECO we believe in everyone of our children. We strive to help Patrick become the independent young man we know he will be. At CECO it IS possible!