CECO's annual Summer Camp is an intensive program that will help your child or adult with Cerebral Palsy or other motor disability to achieve greater independence. Participants improve motor skills through through routine, guidance, and repetitive actions in a fun and stimulating social setting with a 1:1 staff-to-student ratio.

Kolby's Story

I will never forget the day in the NICU at Florida Hospital Orlando when the doctor told us that our three month premature infant had suffered brain trauma during birth and would ultimately have the diagnosis of cerebral palsy.  This was the beginning of a roller coaster of emotions that parents of special needs children often find themselves riding.  Our son, Kolby, today is a vibrant nine year old boy who loves life and brightens up any room with his smile.  Like all parents, Barry and I have always wanted Kolby to live an independent and successful life.  We have tried to give Kolby every opportunity in life to make that happen to the best of his ability despite the obstacle of his diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

Kolby's education has always been important to Barry and I.  We feel that he is such a bright boy that is trapped in a body that does not always allow him to show others his knowledge and abilities the way that most children are able to.  We were left feeling frustrated both in the mainstream public school setting and charter school setting given their inability to encompass Kolby as a whole person. It was this frustration that led us on a search to try to find a better fit for Kolby and ultimately to the front doors of Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO). 

Kolby was introduced to CECO at five years old when we joined the after school conductive education walking challenge program.  We began to see what a benefit it would be to have conductive education incorporated into his everyday life.  He became stronger, more independent and self confident in just a short period of time. We then enrolled Kolby in the school year program allowing him the opportunity for both academic and conductive education each day.  

What a blessing it has been to be a part of the CECO family!  Kolby is getting stronger and more independent every day.  He continues to grow academically in a setting that allows for differentiated instruction based on the needs of each child in the class.  He is finally in a setting where instead of the focus being on his obstacles and what he cannot do, the focus is on what he can do and striving for a little more every day.  It is so fulfilling as parents to have a place for Kolby to attend school where we know each day he will continue to grow as an individual both physically and academically and that he is constantly reminded no matter what the challenge, "It is possible!” 

Barry and Lynn Coleman